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What We Did in Response to the TD Ameritrade Announcement With Charles Schwab

As we look at recent developments in the news concerning the buy-out of TD Ameritrade by Charles Schwab. Sure, TD Ameritrade was paid a 17% premium for their outstanding shares, and Charles Schwab receives more assets under management to compete in an industry that has had more changes than a one-month-old newborn baby. If I were a betting man, I would say that there would be more consolidation in that space here in the next year or two. The client or customer is always left holding the bag in mergers and acquisitions, because when they sign up with companies that are who they have decided to partner with for the long term.

We decided to launch because the client still needs a place to go to get an unbiased direction concerning their retirement plan. Even though we have been planning retirement plans and retirement exits for nearly 20 years it was important to create a dedicated site to service clients looking for only a retirement plan. I had one state worker who is in CalPERS share her frustration about having multiple places to find her retirement direction. She said well I have a 401k over at Savings plus via Nationwide and in that plan, she said she had a Roth portion and a traditional portion. She then said she has a pension that is within the CalPERS system to confuse matters even more. She said she used to work for a software company in Silicon Valley and she also was a barista for Starbucks while in college, where she has a small 401k, so she is confused when it comes to retirement. She has four retirement plans stretched across the state of California, yet she is concerned with her retirement distribution and has nowhere to turn to just talking about bringing all of her retirement plans together. She said she has moved passed the accumulation phase and is confused about the distribution phase and what it will look like. She believes social security is a part of that equation, but not sure, how that will look or what the payments will look like. We put a plan together for her through our brand, which included a consultation.

She is the type of client that is left behind in a merger. Her advisor or someone she has established a rapport with is now gone, due to attrition or overlap in duties.  At we wanted to address this problem. We wanted to create a place where it did not matter what plan you had or where it was at, we would bring all of the numbers together in an area and present a plan of distribution from all of the sources. We are still, which still consults, coaches, and guides everyday people to their retirement exit, but now we have a service squarely focused on the retirement plan only.


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